„We all have one thing in common – we love cycling. We love to ride our bikes after work and catch the last rays of sunshine. Riding with good friends on coffee and cake on the weekend or attacking someone else’s segment and going to our limit.“ MAAP, One Girl, One Boy, One Passion, Radsport, Rennrad, Cycling, Rennradblog, MAAP cycling appereal, Rennrad, Blog, Österreich

FINGERSCROSSED has inspired us with their words and emotion from the 2nd collection „This is Cycling“ to make a video about this very specific feeling. It is a homage to cycling, to the spirit behind all the drudgery, to the pleasure and lightness, to the breathlessness and enjoyment on the road bike.

We are writing about our trips and experiences during cycling, interview professionals, give tips on clothes and equipment – and in addition, we sometimes also suggest recipes for healthy snacks. This is who we are – pure and hones in the interview with FINGERSCROSSED:

Why did you want to make a video about „This is Cycling“?

We had already been thinking about making a new video for quite some time. When you opened your Pop Up Store in Munich and presented the new collection under the motto „This is cycling“, it was clear to us that we had to create a video.
I immediately had an unbelievable amount of ideas in my head and wanted to underline this clear message. The words you chose about „This is cycling“ in your lookbook hit us so hard. I was extremely inspired and had countless ideas to underline the text and I think the result speaks for itself.
Our message was very simple – we wanted to remember why you are sitting on your bike.
Serenity. Step by step, enjoy the uniqueness of nature. This is cycling for us.

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What does cycling mean to you?

For us, cycling means simply letting go. Blow your head through and relax. It’s like an escape for us. When we come tense from work, we kick up the hills in a monkey’s tooth than we usually do.
Sometimes you need relaxed group rides and on other days you just need intensive units on the mountain to get to know your limits. But one thing always remains the same:
Nothing is comparable to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.

Do you live in the saddle of a certain type of cyclist?

We are not the kind of cyclists who always have to be the fastest or best. We do everything we experience on the bike because we want to experience it from the heart. No matter how long it takes or how often we stop for coffee – we are probably more the gourmets than the agitators.

So as far as the cycling type is concerned, we don’t have a fixed mature type. We are young and in the course of time we have already sat on different saddles and so our type of biking has changed. In the past we were downhiller, today we are sitting together on the road bike and become more and more mountain hunters.
At the same time we developed more a sense for style in us over the years, because we want to look good when we stop for a coffee 😉

How did you come to the passion road bike?

This is actually Andy’s merit – Andy used to be a track & race cyclist himself and wanted to ride racing bikes again for a long time.
After a personal injury in DH Sport I couldn’t stand the shocks of roots and stones anymore and so one thing came to another.
In the beginning, roadbiking was meant to be a kind of alternative sport. If it would go uphill again after my injury, we actually wanted to go back to the MTB & DH, but somehow the passion for roadbikes has gripped us and in these few years did not let go any more.

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… and then to the idea of founding your blog?

The idea for the blog was originally mine (Tini). In my studies we had to build a personal blog and I took the opportunity to share my personal experiences as a racing bike novice.
At the beginning, I was confronted with so many questions that I could not find answers on the web. So I wanted to follow my way to the road bike with the blog to record my experiences. I never thought that we would continue to run, love and maintain this blog together for as long as we could. It’s a hell of a lot of work, but we love it. Thus, the blog became more than just a testimonial, but a passion.
One girl – One boy – One Passion.

Which topics are most important to you when road cycling?

Above all it is surely the fun to explore new things on the bike and to get to know also new great people.
Through our blog and social media we come into contact with different people from all over the world who appreciate our passion as much as we do. It is nice to exchange information and to benefit from the experiences of others. That’s how we met you guys!

For Andy, the „right“ training next to and on the bike is a big topic, which is why he has been a full-time student for a few weeks now, focusing on „Training and Sport“.
For me personally, it is certainly the attraction of constantly pushing myself to the limits. To conquer oneself on steep climbs, but somehow you manage to make it to the top.

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Did you guys meet each other by cycling?

Yes, we actually have that haha. We owe this to my brother – Andy and he were at the same cycling club called „Ironracing“. I was there again and again to photograph or film races and then there was a colorful bird around the campfire. With me it had happened at the first moment, but Andy needed a few months.

Do you love the uphill slope or straight passages?

I think my thighs would definitely be perfect for being a very good sprinter. Andy always thinks I’m not necessarily the most gifted mountaineer. Therefore, I’m more attracted to flat & hilly terrain, but we’re working on it. But we both like these mountain rides best. We love to crank up mountain passes and to struggle over breathtaking climbs, like in the Dolomites.

Are you taking the road bikes with you on your travels?

The bikes are always with us, we hardly drive without bikes on vacation, unless we make a pure sightseeing city trip. The city bikes have to be here, it’s pretty funny.
We have converted a van where we all take our bike holidays. We share it with my brother. It is very practical with shelves and the like. Last we were on holiday in Kals at the Grossglockner and we had registered for a day as a „break day“ to chill out at the pool – after a good 2h we had given up and changed our clothes and left. Lying around is not for us.

Why does food matter to you?

Pure survival instinct. Well, if you cycle hard, you can eat well. Once we only biked 160 kilometres to Graz for a tasty burger, so that we don’t have to have a guilty conscience about the menu – haha.
But seriously, without a good diet, cycling can’t get very far.
If you want to get up a pass, you need energy. That’s why nutrition is important to me, but we’re not taking it extremely seriously now. Bars and energy balls are my little personal passion and my family has something out of this, too. I also ripen my porridge recipes almost daily or I also adapt our delicious granola muesli.

What is the nicest experience you’ve had in the saddle lately?

Last time we were together for the first time by bike at the Großglockner and drove the Sella Ronda. After I had a ankle joint operation in December last year, it was something special for me and we both motivated each other. This experience simply binds you together as a couple even more and it makes you incredibly happy to master such an extreme together.
Cycling up the Grossglockner is something really big, the passing motorists cheer you on and from turn to turn you keep pedaling to get closer to your destination. Andy kept talking at me – it came to him more easily than I did.
Just thinking about it alone draws a smile on my lips. I see us up at the Fuschertörl – I’m gasping on the ground – everything comes up in one. Joy, pride, exhaustion. It’s really indescribably beautiful, especially if you experience it with someone who is as happy with you as Andy.

One Boy – One Girl – One Passion.